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Municipal Court

The Bellevue Municipal Court handles citations issued in the Village of Bellevue for traffic and non-traffic ordinance violations. The Court's primary function is to administer justice and hold individuals accountable for their actions when found guilty of local ordinance violations. The Court imposes fines and costs, collects those fines and costs, as well as imposes and collects restitution and other miscellaneous fees. Individuals can call the Municipal Court Clerk at (920) 884-1077 ext. 3 to receive information about the amount and due date for fines. You can obtain information about reopening a case and the extension of time to pay fines as well.

When is Municipal Court?

  • Municipal Court is held the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 8:30 a.m. for adults and on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 10:30 a.m. for juveniles with the exception of changes in the Judge's schedule. Please contact the Court for specific dates and times.
  • Pretrials with the Village Attorney are held the 1st Wednesday of the month at 11:00 a.m. by appointment only.

Where is the Municipal Court held?

  • Court is held at the Village of Bellevue Village Hall/Public Safety Building at 3100 Eaton Road.
  • Doors open 45 minutes prior to court. No food or drink is allowed.

Open Records Requests

To request a public record from the Court please review the provided policy and complete the necessary request as provided.

Village of Bellevue Municipal Court Open Records Information & Request​

What to do if you receive a citation for Bellevue Municipal Court

Mandatory Appearance: If your citation is marked as a Mandatory Court Appearance, you MUST appear in Court. The "appearance not mandatory" instructions do not apply to you.

Appearance Not Mandatory:

  • If you wish to dispute the citation: You must either appear in Court to enter a NOT GUILTY plea OR enter a NOT GUILTY plea by mail prior to your Court date.
  • Not Guilty Plea Form

Please include a copy of your citation or a written letter stating your name, current mailing address, citation number, court appearance date, offense and arresting agency (the Village contracts with the Brown County Sheriff's Office for police services).

Please mail or bring your letter to Municipal Court. Once received, the Court will then schedule a pretrial Court date for your to discuss your citation with the Village Attorney at no cost to you. If you come to an agreement, the Judge has to approve it, and then you must complete the terms of the agreement within the specified time frame agreed upon. If this is not done, the agreement is void and the citation reverts back to the original citation and maximum dollar amount allowed by ordinance.

If you do not come to an agreement, a trial will be scheduled before the Bellevue Municipal Judge without a jury. Public Defenders are not allowed in Municipal Court, although you may hire your own attorney at your own expense.

  • If you do not wish to dispute the citation: Mail in the deposit amount on the citation by the Court date with a statement stating you do not wish to contest the citation. Include your name, current mailing address, citation number, court appearance date, offense and arresting agency with a copy of your citation.
  • CHECKS: Make payable to the Clerk of Court or Bellevue Municipal Court.
  • CASH: Please provide small bills with exact amount preferable.
  • CREDIT: There is a small fee for credit or debit cards based on the amount paid. Please visit the payment website by clicking on the following hyperlink.  Court Payment

If you do Nothing: The Court may proceed with the following:

  • Issue a summons for you to appear in Court
  • Issue a warrant for your arrest
  • Find you guilty for failing to appear in Court and order you to pay the forfeiture and costs imposed by the Court/Judge which could be different than what the deposit/bond states on your citation.
  • Driver's license suspension
  • Referral to a collection agency and/or interception of your State tax refund

The Village of Bellevue Municipal Court now accepts payments online.

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