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Current & Future Projects

Project Description 
2020 Village Crack Filling Program The proposed 2020 Crack Filling Map can be found here.  Work will primarily be in the area east and north of Manitowoc Rd this year.  If funding allows, other segments shown on the map will be targeted.

Work was completed in May 2020
Manitowoc Road (Greenbrier to Manitowoc Ct) Sanitary and Water Main (B-20)  Sanitary and water main reconstruction along this segment of roadway.
Project was completed in late June.
Guns Street
County JJ (Verlin Rd) to Green bay limits
Project to include water and sanitary replacement, storm sewer and inlet repairs, street resurfacing, sidewalk construction and street trees.

Guns Street was recently awarded Wisconsin DOT Local Road Improvement funding for $450,000 towards the roadway improvements for this project.
Village Street Resurfacing

This map is the Village's current street construction program for 2020-2024. The Village Board approves the capital improvement plan each year.

Any streets shown on the Capital Improvement Program may move forward or back in construction year based on roadway needs and funding available.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions is also available for viewing regarding Village construction and assessments.

2021 Resurfacing Program (update 7/22/20)

Streets expected in the 2021 resurfacing program include the following:

Moonrise Ct (all)
Guns St (County JJ to Green Bay limits)
Steffens Ct (may be 2022)

2023 Resurfacing Program (update 7/22/20)
Streets expected in the 2023 resurfacing program include the following:

Bluebill St (Mallard to Oriole)
Mallard St (Verlin to Skyview)
Oriole St (Verlin to Skyview)
Skyview St (all)
Lucerne Ct (all)
Vail Ct (all)
Blue Spruce Ct (all)
Blue Spruce Dr (Juneberry to Blue Moon)
Blue Moon (Eaton Rd to Blue Spruce Dr)
Verlin Rd (Bellevue St to Lime Kiln)
Eldorado Dr (all)
Seville Dr (all)

 Manitowoc Road water and sanitary sewer - 2020 Sanitary and watermain utilities work is planned for late August through October 2020. 

The Village will repair laterals in the road right-of-way and assess this work back to the property owner per our assessment policy. All owners have been notified. Residents that have leaking sanitary laterals on their property should have these replaced. 
 Manitowoc Road roadway project (Allouez Ave. to Kewaunee Rd.) 2021
The Village will be making improvements to Manitowoc Road from Allouez Ave to Kewaunee Rd. Design is complete as of August 1st 

Real estate acquisition is now complete. Most acquisitions are temporary limited interests to allow for proper grading of the properties abutting the roadway.

Private utilities will be moved in the summer and fall of 2020. WPS will be moving overhead power poles. Tree trimming may be required for this work.

Roadway Construction is scheduled for 2021, including sidewalk installation.  A realignment of the Ontario Road approaches to Manitowoc Road is planned to provide a safer and more efficient intersection.

A Public Informational Meeting was conducted on 9/21/17. 
 Sidewalk Improvements  Sidewalk Map

Construction dates on the map are subject to change.
Willow Road
East of County EA (S. Huron Road)
This project has been postponed to a future year. 

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