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Current & Future Projects

Project Description 
2019 Village Crack Filling Program 2019 program contractor has been approved. Work has been completed for 2019. The provided Crack Fill Program map details roads that are scheduled for work.
Village Street Resurfacing

This map is the Village's current street construction program for 2019-2023. The Village Board will be reviewing the proposed 2020-2024 program in early August, 2019.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions is also available for viewing regarding Village construction and assessments.

Hazen Road Reconstruction

Construction is currently in progress. The project involves the complete Reconstruction of Hazen Road from Town Hall Road to Verlin Road, including sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water main repairs. Sidewalks are being added to Hazen Road on the east side of the road.

Informational meetings were held on August 29 & 30, 2018, as well as February 7, 2019. Construction bids were approved on January 23, 2019.

Handouts, mailings and presentations available are posted below:

Construction Updates

- 4-26-2019
- 5-22-2019
- 6-6-2019
- 6-20-2019
- 7-3-2019
- 7-12-2019
- 7-19-2019
- 8-2-2019
- 8-16-2019

2019 Resurfacing Program

Streets included in the program are Jubilee Drive, Casual Court, Leisure Court, Collier Court, and Marco Court. Select curb replacement will be performed, as well as gravel base reconditioning and new pavement.

Handouts, mailings and presentations are posted below:

Construction Updates

  - 4-26-2019 Construction Update

2019 Sidewalk Improvements Sidewalk Map

Construction dates on the map are subject to change.

2019 sidewalk projects are on-going for Hazen Road.
 County Trunk Highway (CTH) EA/South Huron Road Brown County in cooperation with the Village will be making improvements to CTH EA/South Huron Road (Willow Rd.-STH 29). The roadway will be fully urbanized and include intersection traffic control improvements. Construction is scheduled to begin May 6, 2019 with a roundabout at STH 29. This intersection will be closed for an estimated 55 days. The entire project is scheduled for completion in late September.
 Manitowoc Road Project (Allouez Ave. - Kewaunee Rd.) The Village will be making improvements to Manitowoc Road from Allouez Ave to Kewaunee Rd. Design and engineering for the project is on-going in 2017-2018. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2021.

Proposed work is planned to include road resurfacing, sidewalk installation, and a traffic control improvement (TBD) at the Manitowoc/Ontario intersection.

A Public Informational Meeting was conducted on 9/21/17. The provided Feeback Sheet can be used at any time to provide comments or questions on this project.

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