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Permits and Right-of-Way Use

Public Works is responsible for a variety of street and right-of-way maintenance tasks including patching, curb replacement, sign maintenance, roadway striping, right-of-way mowing, minor bridge repair, weed control, debris pickup and snow/ice control.

Please use the online Citizen Request Form to notify Public Works of any needed road repairs, pothole fillings, street lights that need replacing, or signs or street trees that have been knocked down.

Street Lights

If you notice a street light is out or not functioning properly, please contact Wisconsin Public Service at 1-800-450-7260 or access them at go to Report a Problem, then go to Street Lights.

Permits & Forms Issued by Public Works

For Your Safety and the Safety of Others

Rummage Sale signs, For Sale signs or miscellaneous signs attached to stop signs, any traffic control device, or placed in Round-a-bouts is not allowed in the Village of Bellevue. All signs placed in an area that may distract drivers or obstruct vision for pedestrian or vehicular traffic will be removed and disposed of by Bellevue Public Works Department.

Heavy Truck Ordinances (New 3/10/2014)

The Village of Bellevue has limited the streets heavy trucks may travel on. The attached map and corresponding ordinance provides the regulations and routes allowed.

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