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Snow and Ice Control

Snow plowing and ice control is a primary function of the Public Works Department. The department wants to do all it can to reduce the impacts to our residents by making roads as safe as possible during snow conditions. Our goal is to quickly open the streets and make them safely passable to traffic. Residents can help us do this by working together. This section provides information that will help you and the Public Works Department work together to keep the roads as safe as possible.

Snow Plowing & Ice Control Plan

Snow clearing efforts are prioritized in three levels.

  • Priority One Priority One Snow Routes consist of major, non County or State roadways that carry the most traffic within the Village or are high commercial areas. These streets are divided into two catagories, Emergency Primary (Allouez Ave, Manitowoc Rd, Ontario Rd, Greenbrier Rd, Steffens Ct, Hoffman Rd, Development Dr and Central Dr) and Secondary routes (Hazen Rd, Townhall Rd, Guns St, Verlin Rd, Industrial Dr, Sal St, Commercial Wy, Fire Lane Dr, Landmark Blvd, Klondike Rd, Bower Creek Rd, Willow Rd, Glenmore Rd, Juneberry Dr, Carnation Dr, Continental Rd, Eaton Rd, Madrid Dr and Essen Rd and Emerald Dr around the McAuliffe School.) Priority one routes are maintained, cleared and salted to a higher standard, along with intersections along those routes.
  • Priority Two Priority Two Snow Routes consist of main collector streets and industrial zones such as Blue Spruce Dr, Mayflower Rd, Bluestone Rd, Vanden Bergh Pl, Gemini Rd, Meadow Park Dr, Valley Heights Dr, Skyview St, Westminster Dr. Priority two routes are typically maintained, cleared and salted similar to Priory One routes but not as often.
  • Priority Three Priority Three Routes consist of the remaining streets and cul-de-sacs (77) within the Village. These streets are cleared and salted based upon assigned routes that each of the trucks have. Each driver has to follow specific routes to be the most effiecent and to best serve the public.

Snow Plow Route Maps

Snow Plow Route Map

Snow Plow Routes Map

Emergency Plow Routes

Sidewalk - Shoveling and General Care Brochure

Sidewalk Snow Removal Map

Sidewalk Snow Removal Map

Snow & Ice Control FAQs

For more information on policies and procedures related to the Village's Snow & Ice Control plan, please read our frequently asked questions page or select from one one of the menu options on the left.

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