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Current & Future Projects

Project Description 

2021 Village Crack Filling Program

The proposed 2021 Crack Filling Map can be found here.  Work will primarily be in the area east and north of Manitowoc Rd this year.  If funding allows, other segments shown on the map will be targeted.

Work was completed in May 2020

Manitowoc Road (Allouez Ave to Kewaunee Rd/
Hwy 29) 
Sanitary and Water Main (C-20) 

Sanitary and watermain utility work is completed.

Guns Street
County JJ (Verlin Rd) to Green bay limits

Project to include water and sanitary replacement, storm sewer and inlet repairs, street resurfacing, sidewalk construction and street trees.

A public information meeting was Held December 2nd. The recorded presentation can be found here: 

Frequently asked questions for construction projects.

Guns Street was awarded Wisconsin DOT Local Road Improvement funding for $450,000 towards the roadway improvements for this project.

Properties that have sanitary laterals in need of repair have been mailed notices. The Village will repair laterals in the road right-of-way and assess this work back to the property owner per our assessment policy.

Utility and road work is planned for late spring through early fall, 2021. The roadway assessment hearing was held in February 2021.

A Public Information Meeting (PIM) was conducted for the project on May 25, 2021. A presentation of the project plans was conducted. Below is the presentation:

Guns Street PIM Presentation

Verlin Rd to Green Bay. Project began on June 10, 2021. Sewer Water Work along with Resurfacing and New Sidewalk approximate completion is Oct 1, 2021, weather dependent.

Guns St. Project Update

Revised Road Closure: Due to weather delays, Guns St. will be officially closed from just north of Lynwood Ln to south of Royal Crest Circle for the large culvert installation beginning 8/6 tentatively through 8/18, and hopefully no later than 8/20/2021 weather dependent.    
Construction Update

Construction Update 9-10-21

Construction Update 8/13/2021

Construction Update (7/29/2021)

Construction Update 7/16/2021

Construction Update 8/30-9/6/21

Construction Update 10/8/2021

Village Street Resurfacing

This map is the Village's current street construction program for 2021-2025. The Village Board approves the capital improvement plan each year.

Any streets shown on the Capital Improvement Program may move
Construction  forward or back in construction year based on roadway needs and funding available.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions is also available for viewing regarding Village construction and assessments.

2023 Resurfacing Program (update 7/22/20)
Streets expected in the 2023 resurfacing program include the following:

Bluebill St (Mallard to Oriole)
Mallard St (Verlin to Skyview)
Oriole St (Verlin to Skyview)
Skyview St (all)
Lucerne Ct (all)
Vail Ct (all)
Blue Spruce Ct (all)
Blue Spruce Dr (Juneberry to Blue Moon)
Blue Moon (Eaton Rd to Blue Spruce Dr)
Verlin Rd (Bellevue St to Lime Kiln)
Eldorado Dr (all)
Seville Dr (all)

 Manitowoc Road roadway project (Allouez Ave. to Kewaunee Rd.) 2021

The State of Wisconsin is making improvements to Manitowoc Road from Allouez Ave to Kewaunee Road. The designs and real estate phase of the project is complete.

This project was bid through the Wisconsin DOT letting process and is a State managed project.

Roadway Construction is scheduled to begin on July 6, 2021. The project includes sidewalk installation.  A realignment of the Ontario Road approaches to Manitowoc Road are included to provide a safer and more efficient intersection.

A Project Coordination Meeting is scheduled for June 29, 2021, at 6:00 PM at the Bellevue Village Hall (3100 Eaton Road, GB, WI 54311) in the council chambers to be held both in person and virtual. To request a virtual link please email Eric Woodke – Village of Bellevue Street Superintendent at There will be a quick overview of the project along with further discussions regarding the tentative construction schedule, access during construction and information for mail delivery and garbage/recycling collection.

The tentative completion date of the project is anticipated to be in mid to late October 2021. Project completion is weather dependent.

Contractor Letter to Businesses & Residents

Start of Construction Notice

Temporary Mailbox Letter - Manitowoc Road

Ontario Road Closure

Temporary Mailbox Map Locations

Conesta Drive and Nicholas Drive

Village Office

Clifford CT and Ontario RD

Klondike RD and Capricorn DR

Construction Update

Manitowoc Rd Update 9-23-2021.pdf

Manitowoc Rd Construction Update Sept 16, 2021.pdf

Construction Update Thru 9-10-21

Construction Update 9-3-21 Driveway/Sidewalk Work

Construction Update 8/16/2021

Construction Update 8/9/2021

Construction Update 8/2/2021

Construction Update (7/29/2021)

Construction Update (7/22/2021)

Construction Update (7/15/2021)

Construction Update

Construction Update (10/4 - 10/15)


Week of September 13, 2021:  During the week of Sept 13th, residents on Manitowoc Road from Ontario Road to Allouez Avenue are asked not to park on Manitowoc Road as Vinton Construction will be fine grading and beginning paving during this week.

Also Vinton Construction will be raising manholes on Manitowoc Road and placing Orange Barrels over those manholes.  These manholes which are constructed with iron castings and concrete rings are very solid structures that should be avoided when using Manitowoc Road during this construction effort.  Until the final paving effort is completed - extra care should be exercised to avoid these manholes, many of which are centered in the roadway.

NOTICE - Driveway/Sidewalk Concrete Work

Curb & Gutter Redo Notice

Start of Curb & Gutter Notice**

**Added comment to Start of Curb and Gutter Notice 

The exact locations of Concrete Curb & Gutter placement as follows:

Thursday 7/29: Manitowoc Road South Side from Nicholas Drive to Allouez Avenue
Friday 7/30: Manitowoc Road North Side from Allouez Avenue to Willow Road

 Sidewalk Improvements

 Sidewalk Map

Construction dates on the map are subject to change.

Steffens Ct - sanitary and roadway improvements (2021)

The sanitary sewer that runs under I-43 and Steffens Ct is in need of upsizing to accommodate future growth in the northeast area of the Village. 

Steffens Ct also is in need to pavement repair.  These two projects are planned to be done together in the second half of 2021.

Project begins June 21, 2021. Street Reconstruction will be done in the evening. Sewer & Water installation will take place during the day. Traffic Lane will be reduced, there will be traffic delays but not closures. Approximate Completion is Oct 2021, weather dependent.

Construction Update
Steffens Ct Wk of 9-13 & 9-20

Construction Update 8/30-9/6/21

Construction Update 8/13/2021

Construction Update (7/16/2021)

Construction Update 10/8/2021

Water and Sewer Projects 

Water and Sewer Projects 2021 - 2025

 Brown County Construction Projects

Brown County Construction Projects 2021 - 2026

CTH O/Allouez Ave Pavement Replacement 

The Brown County Public Works Department will be replacing the pavement on CTH O (Allouez Avenue) from East River Drive to CTH V (Lime Kiln Road). The work consists of curb and gutter repair, removing the existing pavement, repairing poor subgrade areas, and placing new pavement.

Below are the related materials regarding the project:

Stages of the Project:

1. Stage 1
2. Stage 2
3. Stage 3

Lime Kiln Rd to Village of Allouez. Street Reconstruction Project by the Brown County Highway Department approximate completion is August 2, 2021, weather dependent.

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