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Street and Park Trees

The Village of Bellevue Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department maintains the Village’s Street and Park trees.  The services we provide are: 

Street Tree Planting Programs

Current Resident Tree Plantings:  The Village of Bellevue offers homeowners the option of purchasing trees for planting through the Village, often at a significantly lower cost than purchasing and having a tree planted on your own.  Trees may only be planted in the Village right-of-way.  If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact the Department at 468-5225. 

New Development Tree Plantings:  The Village requirements for new development street trees are as follows:  The Village shall require street trees for all new subdivisions in the village. A linear curb fee shall be charged per a developer agreement, collected and placed in an escrow account for trees. The fee shall be determined each year and approved by resolution. After occupancy permits have been issued for approximately 70% of the houses in the development, trees shall be selected and planted in the terrace by the Village. The number and location of each tree, species and size of stock are to be determined by the Village Forester. 

Street Tree Pruning & Maintenance Programs - Pruning & training of public street and park trees to maintain clearance, safety and aesthetics of the trees.  For a map of the current tree pruning zones in the Village, click here.

The Village also oversees tree plantings and maintenance of street trees during street reconstruction. 

Ordinance Enforcement - The codified law that governs our urban forestry program. A current copy can be found under Municipal Code 427: "Trees and Shrubs"

Forestry Permits - Tree Planting Permit, Tree Work & Removal Permit

Tree Arboretum - Along the East River Parkway from Allouez Avenue to Westminster Drive, there is a unique tree arboretum. There are over 100 varieties of trees displayed. Download the Arboretum Brochure for more information.

For more information on the Village’s Tree Specifications, please view our Arboricultural Specifications Manual.

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