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Division Overview:

The Urban Forestry Division is responsible for the planting and maintenance of all trees within the street right-of-way, in village parks, and all other village owned properties.

Trees located in the Village's right-of-way are property of the Village and permission is required before residents, prune, remove or otherwise perform any maintenance.

If you would like to request Village forestry services for a public tree in your area or have questions regarding our urban forestry program please use the Citizen Request Form or contact the Village at (920) 468-5225.

Benefits of Trees

Properly cared for trees are valuable growing assets worth three times the investment. Visit the International Society of Arboriculture website to learn more about the value of trees.  Additionally, check out this handout provided through information gathered from I-Tree regarding the benefit trees provide to the Village of Bellevue. 

Tree City USA

The Village of Bellevue has been awarded the Tree City USA status annually since 2003. In addition, the Village has been awarded the Tree City USA Growth Award in 2009, 2011 and 2015.

To qualify as a Tree City USA, municipalities must have a Tree Board, adopt a Community Tree Ordinance, have a Community Forestry Program, and have an Arbor Day Celebration.

Services We Provide:

Street & Public Tree Management - Urban Forestry Strategic Plan 2017-2021, Urban Forestry Management Plan 2017-2021, Arboricultural Specifications

Street Tree Planting Programs -New Development, Current Resident, Street Reconstruction, Tree Replacements, etc.

Street Tree Pruning & Maintenance Programs - Pruning & training of public street and park trees to maintain clearance, safety and aesthetics of the trees.

Ordinance Enforcement - The codified law that governs our urban forestry program. A current copy can be found under Municipal Code 427: "Trees and Shrubs"

Forestry Permits - Tree Planting Permit, Tree Work & Removal Permit

Tree Arboretum - Along the East River Parkway from Allouez Avenue to Westminster Drive, there is a unique tree arboretum. There are over 100 varieties of trees displayed. Download the Arboretum Brochure for more information.

Tree Disease and Pest Information

Dutch Elm Disease - Read about its history, what causes it, how to spot symptoms, and how to stop it.

Emerald Ash Borer - Learn to identify this exotic pest and how to prevent it from becoming a problem in our community.

Gypsy Moth - This pest has already established itself in our area. Find out what what you can do about it, and what we have done.

Oak Wilt - Learn when to prune oaks, and when you shouldn't prune them, in order to prevent the spread of this disease.

Tree Care & Maintenance

The U.S. Forest Service is pleased to provide the Tree Owner's Manual free! This up-to-date guide provide easy-to-follow information on planting, prunning and other tree related care.

The Village's Arboricultural Specifications Manual also has information on proper tree planting and care techniques.

Brown County's UW-Extension office can also help you with specific questions you may have about your private yard trees.

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