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Throughout the year the Fire Department conducts over 1,500 fire inspections. The best way to fight fire is to prevent it from ever starting! These inspections are conducted to ensure buildings and businesses are compliant with current fire codes and any high risk areas are identified. Examples of what is checked during a routine fire inspection include; ensuring fire extinguishers are up to date and accessible, ensuring fire alarms are in working order, ensuring emergency and exit lights are in proper working order, ensuring that all paths to exits remain accessible and clear, and ensuring all flammable and hazardous materials are stored properly.

The fire inspection also serves as a training opportunity. By conducting these routine fire inspections firefighters are also getting to know the buildings within their community. Knowledge of building layout can prove to be invaluable at the time of an emergency.

The Fire Department is also happy to conduct in home fire inspections to ensure that your home is fire safe. To schedule an in home inspection please call 920-884-1077.

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